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The SPVFC 5th Annual Crab Feast

2015 SPVFC Crab Feast

2015 SPVFC Crab Feast

The Seat Pleasant Volunteer Fire Company's 5th Annual Crab Feast will be held on Saturday September 12, 2015 from 2pm-6pm at St. Margaret's Gold Room located at 410 Addison Road South Capitol Heights, MD 20743 (next to the Addison Road Metro Station)

Early Bird seats are available for $45.00 until July 31st, after that tickets will be full price. For more information and to purchase tickets visit:




Engine 82 on daytime fire in Capitol Heights

Sunday, November 30, 2014  Just before noon Engine 82 was alerted second due to 1217 Glacier Ave, in Company 17's area, for a house on fire. Truck 26 arrived first to find smoke and fire showing from a house as Engine 82 arrived just behind Engine 5.  The crew picked up 5's supply line and then ran the 400 down the street assisting Company 5 with extinguishment.  Crews encountered heavy fire conditions and as they made it to the rear found several electrical boxes on fire.  PEPCO was called and units worked to keep the fire in check until PEPCO could control the power.  The rest of the fire was extinguished and units were held for overhaul and to check for extension.  Engine 82 picked up and returned home in about 2.5 hours.



Ambuance 88 runs Thanksgiving Day stabbing

Thursday, November 27, 2014  Around 2130 hours Ambulance 88 was alerted to the unit block of Peppermill Dr, in Seat Pleasant, for an injured person from an assault.  The crew arrived with PD and found a male suffering from a severe stab wound to the upper arm with uncontrolled bleeding.  The crew quickly worked on applying pressure and attempting to control the bleeding and transported immediately to a local trauma center.  Ambulance 88 cleared in just over 2 hours after cleanup and restocking supplies.



Engine 82 runs late night townhouse fire

Monday, July 7, 2014   At 0117 hours Engine 82 was alerted to 1668 Willowood Ct, in Company 38's area, for fire in a townhouse. First arriving units initially found nothing evident but after investigation found a small fire in the ceiling on the top floor.  After opening up, fire was found in the attic and crews now had smoke showing from the eaves. Engine 82 as the third due engine was assigned to check exposure units for any fire extension. The fire was quickly controlled and the assignment scaled back after it was confirmed there was no extension to any additional residences.  Engine 82 picked up and returned to service in about an hour. 



Engine 82 runs 3rd fire in 16 hours

Monday, July 7, 2014  At 1335 hours Engine 82 was alerted to 1809 Tulip Ave, in Company 37's area, for a townhouse on fire. E37 arrived to find the corrected address of 1805 and a fire in the basement. Engine 82 arrived second but kept their position as third due laying a line and reporting to the rear of the structure. The crew ran the 250 and forced entry to the basement. E37 made a quick knock on the fire and the crew from 8 assisted with ventilation and checking for extension. The assignment was scaled back and Engine 82 picked up returning to quarters in about 45 minutes. 



Engine 82 on first due basement fire

Sunday, July 6, 2014   At 2031 hours Engine 82 was alerted to 500 69th Pl, in Seat Pleasant, for a report of a house fire. Engine 82 arrived minutes later with smoke showing and grabbed their own hydrant. The crew advanced a line finding fire conditions involving the basement and extinguished the same. Additional arriving units checked for extension on the floor above. The fire was out and with no extension command scaled the assignment back. Engine 82 cleared in about 2 hours. 



Engine 82 fourth due on afternoon townhouse fire

Monday, June 30, 2014  At 1518 hours Engine 82 was alerted to 6804 Hawthorne St, in Company 33's area, for smoke in a townhouse.  Units arrived initially with nothing evident but after entry discovered a working fire in the basement.  Engine 82 arrived and picked up E9's supply line then was assigned to check the exposures as the fire building was middle of the row.  The fire was quickly extinguished with no extension to the B or D exposures and the assignment scaled back.  Engine 82 picked up and returned to service in just under an hour.



Ambulance 88 takes stabbing victim to trauma center

Sunday, June 29, 2014  Just after 2100 hours units were dispatched to the 6300-Blk of Addison Rd, near Company 8, for a cutting.  Ambulance 88 was clearing a previous call and added to the run.  Units arrived after the scene was secured by police to find a patient cut across his throat.  The crew treated and transported the victim to a local trauma center with Medic 30. Ambulance 88 cleared in about 90 minutes.



Ambulance 88 runs first due quintuple shooting

Friday, June 20, 2014   At 2346 hours Ambulance 88 was alerted to the 6800-Blk of Greig St, in Seat Pleasant, for a report of a shooting. Soon after, updates were given reporting multiple people shot and additional units were started. Crews staged and waited for police to get a handle on the scene. After a few minutes crews came in and found two victims suffering from gunshot wounds. Both patients were treated and taken to area trauma centers by various EMS units. While units were preparing to transport, PGH reported three shooting victims had showed up at their location and were related to this incident. Ambulance 88 cleaned up and returned to service in about two hours. 



Ambulance 88 runs fatal motorcycle accident on The Beltway

Saturday, June 7, 2014  Just after 2000 hours units were alerted to the inner loop of the Beltway near St Barnabas Rd for an accident involving a motorcycle. Ambulance 88 was leaving Southern Maryland Hospital from a previous transport and hearing that A38 was the closest unit asked if they could be of assistance.  A88 was placed on the call as it was updated that the rider of the motorcycle  was possibly not breathing.  The crew arrived just after PE42 who confirmed they had a trauma code.  The patient was loaded quickly into A88 as personnel continued resuscitation efforts and was taken to the closest hospital with members of PE42 on board.  Despite the efforts, the patient was pronounced dead at the hospital.  Ambulance 88 cleared in about 90 minutes.



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