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Did you know Rescue Squad 8 was the 14th busiest in the country last year, according to firehouse magazine?

Engine 82 and Chief 8 run first due house fire

Saturday, March 1, 2014   At 1440 hours Engine 82 was alerted to 6617 Valley Park Rd, in Seat Pleasant, for a house fire. The crew arrived to find a single family dwelling with smoke showing and advanced a line. The crew found a room off in the basement and extinguished the same. Units opened walls and checked for extension adjacent and above the room of origin. The assignment was scaled back to 2 and 2 while units waited for investigations. Chief 8 had the command and the units from 8 picked up and returned in 2 hours. 



Engine 82 and Ambulance 88 on first due shooting

Friday, February 28, 2014   At 1938 hours Engine 82 and Ambulance 88 were alerted to Hill Rd & Hill Oaks Dr, in Seat Pleasant, where police were on scene of a shooting. Units arrived to find a male in a vehicle suffering from a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Police had originally responded for shots heard and attempted to stop this vehicle that was leaving the scene. The officer ended up discharging his weapon after the stop and after his vehicle had been struck by several bullets from an unknown shooter. The person in the vehicle was shot at another location nearby. Units treated the patient who was taken to a local trauma center by Ambulance 88 and PA38. Engine 82 cleared in just under an hour and the ambulance in just over 2 hours. 



Engine 82 and Ambulance 88 on 2 alarm high rise fire

Friday, February 28, 2014  Around 2218 hours, after clearing the shooting, Engine 82 was alerted to 2020 Brooks Dr, in Company 26's first due, for smoke on the 5th floor.  While in route PSC updated units they were receiving many calls reporting fire and smoke with people trapped. Units arrived with nothing evident initially and soon found heavy smoke conditions with many people on their balconies. Engine 82 arrived and picked up Engine 5's supply line and then reported with their high rise racks to the 8th floor checking smoke and fire conditions and worked their way back down to the 5th floor. Units found several set fires along the 5th floor hallway and extinguished the same. The crew from 8 assisted with removing people and advising some to shelter in place. The fire was extinguish and units were held for smoke removal. A precautionary second alarm was called but was not used and Ambulance 88 was alerted to the call as well and assisted citizens outside that were evacuated. The units from 8 cleared in about 90 minutes. 



Engine 82 and Chief 8 on afternoon fire in Capitol Heights

Wednesday, February 5, 2014   At 1732 hours Engine 82 and Chief 8 responded to 5806 Balsam St, in Company 5's area, for a house fire. As the Engine from 8 made the right on Central Ave, smoke could be seen banked down across East Capitol St. Engine 5 arrived and reported fire showing from a house (correct address was 5722). Engine 82 arrived just behind Engine 5 and picked up their supply line and ran a back up line to the floor above. Fire was found involving a front room and was quickly knocked down. Engine 82 worked upstairs with a special service opening knee walls and checking for extension. The fire was extinguished and the assignment scaled back. Chief 8 had the interior division and the units picked up in about 45 minutes. 

Courtesy PGFD

Courtesy PGFD


Engine 82 runs afternoon stabbing at 7-11 in Seat Pleasant

Thursday, January 30, 2014  At 1337 hours Engine 82 was alerted to the 7-11 on Central Ave at Shady Glen Dr for a report of a person stabbed.  The engine from 8 arrived with police to find a male down suffering from a serious stab wound to the chest.  The crew began treating the patient and helped load him into an arriving EMS unit.  A38 and M26 transported the patient to a local trauma center and Engine 82 cleared in about 20 minutes.



Engine 82 runs house fire in DIstrict Heights

Wednesday, January 22, 2014  At 2256 hours Engine 82 was dispatched to 2168 County Rd, in Company 26's area, for a house fire.  E26 arrived to find fire showing from the rear of a one story house and advanced a line.  Engine 82 arrived next and made their way inside as well and assisted E26 with opening up after a quick knock down as fire had extended into the walls and ceiling.  The fire was extinguished and the assignment was scaled back.  Engine 82 picked up and returned home in just under an hour.



Company 8 ends the year with working fire and double shooting

Tuesday, December 31, 2013   At 0700 hours Engine 82 was alerted as the 4th due engine to 803 Falcon Dr, in Company 46's area, for a house fire. First arriving units found smoke showing and a working fire in the basement of the house. Engine 82 arrived and completed E33's water supply and advanced a line to the first floor where units checked for extension and performed searches. The fire was extinguished and the assignment scaled back for overhaul. One resident was transported to a local hospital with burns and smoke inhalation and several pets were found during the searches, some of which were revived by EMS units. Engine 82 picked up and returned in just under 90 minutes. Later in the night at 2347 hours Engine 82 and Ambulance 88 were alerted to the unit block of Pepper Mill Dr, in Seat Pleasant, for a report of a shooting. Units arrived with police and found two patients suffering gunshot wounds to the body. Additional EMS units were called to assist and both patients were treated and packaged. A88 along with M26 took one patient while A5 and PA38 took the other. Engine 82 returned in about 25 minutes while Ambulance 88 returned to service in just over an hour. 



Engine 82 runs first due traumatic motorcycle accident

Saturday, December 21, 2013  At 2135 hours police requested fire board to the intersection of East Capitol St & Central Ave, in Seat Pleasant, for an accident involving a motorcycle. Engine 82 arrived to find a male down in the road, but conscious, suffering from numerous traumatic injuries to the lower portion of his body after colliding with a vehicle on his motorcycle. The crew began to treat and stabilize the patient until EMS units arrived.  The patient was loaded and taken to a local trauma center by A5 and PA38.  Engine 82 picked up and returned home in about 30 minutes.



Engine 82 runs small fire in vacant house

Saturday, December 14, 2013  At 1855 hours Engine 82 was alerted to the 5600-Blk of Sheriff Rd, near Company 38's quarters, for fire coming from a vacant house.  Units from 38 arrived to find the same but due to the house's condition, exterior operations were started.  Engine 82 arrived and laid a line for secondary water and ran a line to the rear of the house.  Crews found fire on the exterior of the house with some extension inside.  The fire was quickly knocked and the assignment scaled back for overhaul.  Engine 82 picked up and returned in about 30 minutes.  The fire is still under investigation.



Company 8 runs accident: 8 injured, 2 fatally

Saturday, December 7, 2013   Less than an hour after returning home from the police shooting, Engine 82 and Ambulance 88 were alerted to Central Ave & Shady Glen Dr, in Seat Pleasant, for an accident with people trapped. Units from Company 8 arrived to find two vehicles, one overturned in a field and on fire and one on its side, several trapped and several ejected. The crew from Engine 82 immediately pulled a line and started extinguishing the fire while the ambulance crew began triaging victims. As expected, many more EMS units and support apparatus including two helicopters were called to assist. Two patients who were ejected were pronounced dead on scene and two were extricated from a vehicle. Engine 82 assisted with patient care once the fire was extinguished and Ambulance 88 took two pediatric traumas to a nearby landing site to be flown to a local trauma center. In all there were 8 patients as a result of this accident. The ambulance cleared in about 2 hours and the engine cleared in about 3 hours after providing lights to investigators. The accident was the result of a suspect running from police after a shooting incident a short distance away. Below is a link to the police press release.

Police press release


Courtesy Kentland

Courtesy Kentland


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