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Did you know Rescue Squad 8 was the 14th busiest in the country last year, according to firehouse magazine?

Engine 82 runs small fire in vacant house

Saturday, December 14, 2013  At 1855 hours Engine 82 was alerted to the 5600-Blk of Sheriff Rd, near Company 38's quarters, for fire coming from a vacant house.  Units from 38 arrived to find the same but due to the house's condition, exterior operations were started.  Engine 82 arrived and laid a line for secondary water and ran a line to the rear of the house.  Crews found fire on the exterior of the house with some extension inside.  The fire was quickly knocked and the assignment scaled back for overhaul.  Engine 82 picked up and returned in about 30 minutes.  The fire is still under investigation.



Company 8 runs accident: 8 injured, 2 fatally

Saturday, December 7, 2013   Less than an hour after returning home from the police shooting, Engine 82 and Ambulance 88 were alerted to Central Ave & Shady Glen Dr, in Seat Pleasant, for an accident with people trapped. Units from Company 8 arrived to find two vehicles, one overturned in a field and on fire and one on its side, several trapped and several ejected. The crew from Engine 82 immediately pulled a line and started extinguishing the fire while the ambulance crew began triaging victims. As expected, many more EMS units and support apparatus including two helicopters were called to assist. Two patients who were ejected were pronounced dead on scene and two were extricated from a vehicle. Engine 82 assisted with patient care once the fire was extinguished and Ambulance 88 took two pediatric traumas to a nearby landing site to be flown to a local trauma center. In all there were 8 patients as a result of this accident. The ambulance cleared in about 2 hours and the engine cleared in about 3 hours after providing lights to investigators. The accident was the result of a suspect running from police after a shooting incident a short distance away. Below is a link to the police press release.

Police press release


Courtesy Kentland

Courtesy Kentland


Company 8 runs double shooting involving police

Saturday, December 7, 2013   At 2052 hours Engine 82 was alerted to the 6000-Blk of Parkland Ct, in Company 26's area, for a shooting involving the police. Soon after being dispatched Ambulance 88 cleared their previous call and responded as well. Units arrived to a heavy police presence where they found one officer shot in the upper body as well as a suspect shot in the face. It started in the 6000-Blk of Marlboro Pk where a robbery had just occurred. Police arrived and gave chase to a fleeing vehicle whose occupants soon bailed out. A foot chase ensued and an exchange of gunfire occurred between one suspect and police. Personnel began checking out both victims. Luckily the officer's vest prevented any serious injury as it did it's job and took the bullet. Both victims were taken to area hospitals by EMS units with Ambulance 88 taking the suspect who was the worse of the two. Additional EMS units were called as well to treat the business owner who was pistol whipped and another minor injury to an officer. Engine 82 cleared in about 20 minutes and the ambulance came home in just over an hour. 

Here is a link to the police press release



Engine 82 runs small fire in District Heights

Monday, December 2, 2013   At 0130 hours Engine 82 was alerted to 1604 Brooksquare Dr, in Company 26's area, for a fire in a townhouse. E26 arrived with nothing evident and investigated. The crew found a fire in the ceiling between floors and began to open up. Engine 82 arrived and picked up E26's supply line and then reported to the Delta exposure to check for any extension. The fire was quickly contained and units held for some minor overhaul. Engine 82 picked up and returned in about 40 minutes. 



Engine 82 runs apartment fire in Chapel Oaks

Sunday, December 1, 2013   At 1354 hours Engine 82 was alerted on the street alarm to 1501 Elkwood La, in Company 38's area, for an odor of smoke in the building. Units arrived with nothing evident and began to investigate. Soon after, units reported a rear bedroom off in a unit and requested the box be filled. Engine 82 took their position with 38's supply line and ran a line to the floor above to check for extension and assist with a search. The fire was knocked down and the original street alarm was held for overhaul. Engine 82 picked up and returned in 45 minutes. 



Ambulance 88 helps deliver baby in local hotel

Friday, November 29, 2013   At 0422 hours Ambulance 88 was alerted to 9401 Largo Dr W, in Company 46's area, for a woman in labor. The crew arrived along with Medic 46 and upon entering the room discovered that a birth was imminent. The crews quickly prepared and delivered a healthy baby.  Both mom and daughter were treated and taken to a local hospital aboard Medic 46 in good condition. Ambulance 88 cleared in about 30 minutes. 



Engine 82 runs early morning two alarm fire

Friday, November 15, 2013   At 0328 hours Engine 82 was alerted as the 4th due engine to 6431 Pennsylvania Ave, in Company 26's area, for a report of smoke in the building. First arriving units found fire showing from the top floor and began advancing lines. Engine 82 arrived and took their own hydrant across the street on the B/C corner and advanced a line to the rear of the building where they had smoke showing. The crew advanced the 400 up a ladder and into the adjacent apartment checking for any extension. Crews worked and put a good knock on the fire as command called for a precautionary second alarm. The assignment was scaled back and units were held for overhaul. Engine 82 picked up and returned home in two hours. The cause of the fire was determined to be accidental but was the result of a marijuana grow room. The county police continue to investigate. 

Courtesy Paul Hawkins

Courtesy Paul Hawkins

Courtesy Paul Hawkins

Courtesy Paul Hawkins


Engine 82 runs fatal shooting in District Heights

Friday, November 8, 2013   At 1 minute after midnight Engine 82 was alerted to the area of Addison Rd S & Walker Mill Rd, in Company 26's area, for a shooting. The crew arrived with A26 and M26 as well as PGPD to find a male in the roads suffering from multiple gunshot wounds and not breathing. The patient was quickly assessed and CPR was started. The patient was loaded into an EMS unit and taken to a local trauma center where he was pronounced dead. Engine 82 cleared in about an hour after picking up personnel who assisted EMS units at the trauma center. 



Engine 83 runs second alarm in District Heights

Wednesday, November 6, 2013   Just before 1030 hours units were dispatched to 6443 Pennsylvania Ave, in Company 26's area, for an apartment fire with people trapped. Units arrived to find people trapped and fire from the second floor and through the roof and called for the second alarm. Engine 83, who was originally passed over on the initial alarm, was sent on the call. The crew arrived at the same time as the 4th engine on the initial alarm and picked up their dual lines. The crew then advanced two standpipe racks off of E42's leader line into the exposure building and worked extinguishing the fire that was running the cockloft. Several residents were rescued and crews worked hard to make a stop. The fire was extinguished and units were held for extensive overhaul and hot spots. Engine 83 picked up and returned to service in about two hours. 

Courtesy Kentland

Courtesy Kentland


Engine 83 runs first due vacant duplex

Tuesday, November 5, 2013   At 0851 hours the box was sounded for 7204 Joplin St, in Seat Pleasant, for a house on fire. Engine 83 marked in route and arrived finding smoke and fire showing from the first floor of a duplex at 7206. The crew advanced the bumper line and extinguished fire on the first floor of the structure. Additional crews handled some fire that had extended upstairs as well as searches. The fire was quickly extinguished and the assignment scaled back for overhaul. The crew picked up and returned to service in just under two hours. The house was vacant and the cause is under investigation. 

Courtesy of Ritchie

Courtesy of Ritchie


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