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Did you know Rescue Squad 8 was the 14th busiest in the country last year, according to firehouse magazine?

Engine 83 runs first due PEPCO substation fire

Tuesday, September 24, 2013   At 1828 hours Engine 83 was alerted to the 7200 Blk of Central Ave, in Seat Pleasant, for a house on fire. Units arrived to find an enclosed PEPCO substation containing many transformers on fire. The crew took a position and waited for PEPCO personnel to arrive to make sure power was secured and there was no danger to FD personnel. Power was secured and crews went in to mop up as the roof had burned off the building and pretty much burned itself out while waiting. The crew from 8 picked up and returned in just under two hours. 



Engine 82 & Ambulance 88 on early morning first due fire

Saturday, September 14, 2013   At 0441 hours Engine 82 & Ambulance 88 were alerted to 601 Goldleaf Ave, in the Carmody Hills section of Seat Pleasant, for smoke in a house. While enroute it was noted that the occupant was possibly trapped.  The units from 8 arrived to find fire showing from the house and advanced a line. The crew from 8 fought through "pack rat" type conditions, located the room on fire and extinguished the same. The occupant was found outside suffering from smoke inhalation and possible respiratory burns and was treated and taken to a local hospital by PA38. The fire was extinguished and units were held to check for extension as well as extensive overhaul. The crews from Seat Pleasant picked up and returned to service in just under 2 hours. 



Engine 82 takes in morning rush hour accident with trauma

Thursday, September 5, 2013  At 0657 hours Engine 82 was alerted to Central Ave & Hill Rd, in Seat Pleasant, for an auto accident.  The crew arrived to find a 3 vehicle accident with several patients including a trauma. Additional BLS units as well as an ALS unit were requested. The crew assisted EMS units with treating and packaging the patients as well as controlling fluid leaks from the vehicles. All patients were taken to area hospitals and Engine 82 returned to service in just under an hour. 



Engine 82 stands by for funeral then handles water supply in Forestville

Wednesday, September 4, 2013   Around mid day Engine 82 took a position at Central Ave & the Capitol Beltway to provide road closure coverage in addition to paying their respects to Terrence Boston who had recently died from injuries he received in a motorcycle accident. Mr Boston was a 12 year veteran of the DCFD. The crew stood by as the procession travelled along to his final resting place. Thoughts and prayers are with the family and his fellow brothers and sisters in DC. Soon after clearing the funeral, Engine 82 was special called to assist on a vehicle fire in the area of Pennsylvanis Ave & Armstrong La in Company 23's area. E5 was on scene with several vehicles on fire, one being a truck with many tires burning in it. There was also a good amount of debris that was on fire as well and extending to several other vehicles. E5 reported they were out of water and because of the remote location they requested tankers and extra engines. The closest available tankers were 74 from Andrews and one from Calvert County. The engines respondng worked out a water supply plan using a pumper relay. E82 took the hydrant at Armstrong lane and the service road and 5, 27 and 17 laid out hose totalling nearly a half mile. The crew from 82 reported to the scene to assist with overhaul and extinguishment efforts for about a half hour. Once released, the crew from Seat Pleasant assisted E17 with racking their 800 feet of 3 inch supply line as well as RE27 with approximately 1000 feet of their 4 inch supply line. Engine 82 operated for a total of 90 minutes before returning home. 



Engine 82 and Chief 8 run second alarm in Oxon Hill

Courtesy of Mike Harrington

Courtesy of Mike Harrington

Sunday, September 1, 2013   Just after 1100 hours a box alarm was sounded for 541 Wilson Bridge Dr, in Company 21's area, for a building fire. Numerous reports came in about the fire including several that people were trapped. Units arrived with heavy fire conditions and a second alarm was sounded bringing Engine 82 and Chief 8. Engine 82 arrived in staging and assumed command of that until the arrival of a chief officer while Chief 8 was directed into the scene to assist with interior divisions. Unfortunately the Engine was not used and remained in staging for about an hour before being released. Chief 8 returned to service a short time later. 



Engine 82 runs house fire in Ritchie

Courtesy of someone

Courtesy of someone

Monday, August 26, 2013   Just before midnight E37 was dispatched on a local for woods on fire in the 1900 blk of Elmwood Park St. While enroute, PSC began receiving calls that there was a house on fire. After a survey of the scene it was determined that a house was on fire and the assignment was requested bringing Engine 82 as the 4th due engine. The house sat off the road and there was confusion on the address and the best access which complicated water supply operations. Engine 82 arrived and assisted E23 with establishing a water supply and after having to evacuate the structure crews were sent back in to finish extinguishing the fire. The crew from 8 operated a handline and extinguished fire on the main floor and in the walls. The assignment was scaled back and units were held for overhaul. Engine 82 picked up and returned in just over 90 minutes.



Ambulance 88 transports one to trauma center

Wednesday, August 14, 2013   At 2109 hours Ambulance 88 was alerted to 513 Garrett A Morgan Bl, in Company 37s area, for an accident involving a police officer with one trapped.  Units arrived to find the same with a police officer needing a door to be popped so he could be removed. The squad popped the door quickly and the patient was removed and care was taken over by Ambulance 88 who took him to a local trauma center for a check up. Ambulance 88 cleared in about 90 minutes. 



Engine 82 on afternoon accident with trauma, rescue

Wednesday, July 31, 2013   At 1242 hours Engine 82 was alerted to Walker Mill Dr and Possum Ct, on the west end of the first due, for an accident involving a motorcycle. The crew arrived to find a dirt bike down a 10 foot embankment and two victims laying in a creek bed. An additional EMS unit and a rescue squad was called to assist. The crew assisted the mobile patient up the embankment by utilizing a 14 foot roof ladder off of the wagon. The crew then helped package the second patient on a long board and worked with Squad 6 to secure him in a stokes basket and bring him up the same roof ladder. Both patients were taken to a local trauma center by the EMS units from 38. Engine 82 returned to service in about an our after clean up. 



Engine 83 runs late night shooting

Thursday, July 18, 2013   At 0348 hours Engine 83 was alerted to the 1200 block of Farmingdale Ave, in Company 38's area, for a report of a shooting. Units arrived with police to find a male who had been shot in the foot. The crew stood by while the EMS crews from 38 evaluated the patient. The victim was taken to a local trauma center and Engine 83 cleared in about 20 minutes.



Engine 82 on evening duplex fire in Suitland

Wednesday, June 19, 2013   At 1846 hours Engine 82 was alerted as the 4th due engine to 2224 Houston St, in Company 17's area, for a house fire.  E29 arrived first and found a two story duplex with fire showing from the second floor. Engine 82 arrived just behind E5 and picked up their supply line and then assisted them in running and extending a line to the rear. The crew operated on the first floor and controlled utilities. The fire was extinguished and the assignment scaled back. Engine 82 returned to service in about an hour.

Courtesy PGFD via a citizen

Courtesy PGFD via a citizen


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